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My witness is the empty sky.

New York Times: How do you rank yourself among writers (living) and of the immediate past?

Vladimir Nabokov: I often think there should exist a special typographical sign for a smile — some sort of concave mark, a supine round bracket, which I would now like to trace in reply to your question.

A 1969 interview in which Nabokov invents the emoticon, quoted in Luke Stark and Kate Crawford’s The Conservatism of Emoji (via apidae)

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1. Do you have any phobias?: I avoid touching unglazed pottery at all costs 

2. What book are you reading right now? How is it?: Will soon be starting a book I’ve wanted for some time now - Just Kids, Patti Smith

3. What one movie could you watch over and over, and never tire of?: There are too many to mention but I’d be good having all the Monty Python films playing on a constant loop

4. Do you have an album that changed your life? What was it?: Again, there are so many but what first comes to mind would be David Bowie’s Low and Elliott Smith’s Either/Or

5. Do you doodle? If so, what do you draw?: I used to draw constantly, now not so much. I still doodle, usually geometric patterns and faces

6. Are you listening to music right now?: Rowland S. Howard Teenage Snuff Film

7. Do you have an OTP? Spill it.: Going to have to go with predictable but fully warranted - Nick/Blixa

8. What can you cook really well?: Grilled cheese sandwich

9. Favorite comedy website?: I don’t really have one, the things people say in my day to day life are pretty hilarious as it is

10. If you could move anywhere in the world, with neither money or language being a barrier, where would you go?: Boring answer but London has always been on the top of my list

My questions: 

1. What is a quote you live by? 

2. What is your most prized possession from childhood? 

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? 

4. What is the best concert memory you have? 

5. Have you ever met someone famous or that you admired?

6. What do you never leave home without? 

7. Favorite author? 

8. What song always makes you happy to hear/improves your mood?

9. What’s the most important part of your morning ritual?

10. Name a band you just don’t get. Why? 

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The next cable car
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i only get sleepless nights alone here in my half-empty bed

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - People Ain’t No Good

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New Order - Your Silent Face

Man I fucking love this band.

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Nina Simone - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood